Fresh Vision Foundation, Inc


Welcome to the Program of Fresh Vision Foundation, Inc! Our organization was founded on 01/21/2022 with a mission to provide additional support to pre-existing non-profits that focus on empowering youth in their fight against childhood abuse, pursuit of higher education, and young entrepreneurs who demonstrate high promise but lack the financial support or professional guidance. We believe in helping youth reach their full potential and creating a brighter future for them.

Hoops for the Youth

Our Hoops for the Youth program is dedicated to using the power of sports, specifically basketball, to positively impact the lives of young people. Through this program, we organize basketball tournaments, camps, and clinics that promote physical fitness, teamwork, leadership skills, and sportsmanship. We also collaborate with other non-profit organizations to provide mentorship, counseling, and resources to help youth overcome challenges and build resilience.

Fresh Vision 5k

Our Fresh Vision 5k program is aimed at promoting health and wellness among youth and the community. We organize annual 5k runs and walks to raise awareness about the importance of physical activity, mental well-being, and healthy lifestyles. The funds raised through these events go towards supporting our other programs and initiatives.

Fresh Vision Scholarship Fund

Our Fresh Vision Scholarship Fund is designed to provide financial assistance to deserving youth who are pursuing higher education. We offer scholarships to high school seniors and college students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership skills, and a commitment to community service. Our scholarships help students cover the costs of tuition, books, and other educational expenses, enabling them to achieve their educational goals.

Fresh Vision Business Assistance Fund

Our Fresh Vision Business Assistant Fund is dedicated to supporting young entrepreneurs who lack the financial resources or professional guidance to start or grow their businesses. Through this program, we provide mentoring, training, and limited financial support to help young entrepreneurs launch or expand their businesses. We believe in nurturing entrepreneurship and empowering young people to become successful business owners.
Join us in our mission to empower youth and create a positive impact in their lives. Together, we can make a difference and inspire the next generation of leaders. Donate, volunteer, or participate in our programs to support the Fresh Vision Foundation, Inc and help us transform the lives of youth in need.